Nutritional Liquids Are More Convenient for the Busy Dietary Supplement Consumer

As one of the fastest-growing US consumer categories according to Euromonitor International, nutritive drinks and liquid dietary supplements are expected to reach $2.1 billion by 2016, increasing by 54% from current standings. Liquid dosages have made a great impact on nutritional and general health, allowing consumers to find a vast range of options more than ever before.

What makes liquid supplements so marketable

is the fact that they are in a convenient format for consumers. Single-serving supplements, in particular, are regularly purchased at convenience stores as a quick way for consumers to get their required nutrients without having to adjust their daily routines. As consumers begin to realize the added nutritional value of dietary supplements, many view liquid supplements as a more natural way for consumption. Beverages have the advantage of working like functional foods, fitting into a consumer’s busy schedule for work or school. Their convenience is aided by the fact that there’s no need to prepare the supplement before consuming, such as with powders.

Proper Liquid Formulation Needs Capable Liquid Contract Manufacturers

One of the most important factors when it comes to formulating liquid supplements and beverages is taste. The presence of certain ingredients can affect a product’s taste, requiring businesses to be aware of the formulation process and obtain the services of a high-quality nutritional supplement contract manufacturer possessing the necessary liquid capabilities. Ingredients such as omega-3 fatty acids, which are best used for supplements treating tiredness or fatigue, contains fatty acids that can oxidize due to the presence of minerals such as copper or iron, causing unpleasant flavors. To address issues such as these, businesses must acquire a contract manufacturer that can formulate the liquid product in such a way to mask the taste, perhaps with a fruit-flavored base. Energy shots and drinks commonly utilize fruit flavorings for this effect, while also appealing to how consumers connect fruit with good health.

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