Energy Drinks International Statistics

Worldwide sales of energy drinks hit 38.2 billion last year and will be worth 53.4bn in 2020 according to International statistics.

That 40% growth will come despite bans and restrictions in some countries due to health concerns about caffeine, taurine, and other stimulants and how they are consumed in some situations like by
young people mixing them with spirits in bars and night clubs.
At about 12.4bn the US was by far the biggest market in 2015 followed by the Asia-Pacific at 10.1bn and western Europe at 7.3bn. Latin America was worth 3.8bn, the Middle East and Africa
1.8bn, eastern Europe 1.5bn.

Projected Growth

All regions are forecast for strong growth until 2020, with China showing the most spectacular surge as it doubles from a 6bn market now to be worth 12.4bn in 2020. That’s close to half of the world’s
forecasted energy drink sector growth and, if continued, would see China overtake the US as the world’s biggest energy drink market in about 2025.

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