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Bring consumers to you with quality packaging.

When it comes to developing a great product, the formula itself isn’t enough to effectively sell it. Creating appealing and quality packaging is the next step in making your product stand out.

Utilizing partners, both domestic and international, we are able to select or assist in finding packaging that fits your taste and budget.

With the proper materials, your product’s labeling and packaging can serve as an excellent investment in establishing credibility and brand recognition among competitors in the dietary supplement and skincare industries.

Celmark International offers a wide variety of packaging and filling options, as well as in-house graphic design services to make the process even easier.

Fully Integrated Packaging and Assembly Services

Celmark can even help ensure your product is well presented and properly displayed once it’s labeled and ready to go. We provide:

  • Floor and counter displays
  • Bottles in folding cartons
  • Application of stickers
  • Hang tags
  • UPC codes
  • Kits

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Limitless Container Options

We also offer a range of container options, which can hold anywhere between 0.25 ounces to 1 gallon of product, and can have full or partial body banding if desired. These container options include:

  • High-density polyethylene (HDPE) bottles, available in a wide range of opaque colors
  • PET, available in a wide range of transparent colors
  • Glasses, jars, tubes and sample pouches
  • Custom shapes (oblongs, milk bottles, etc.)

We can also affix all types of pressure-sensitive roll labels, and imprint with lot numbers and expiration dates. We can apply neckband safety seals, full-body seals and printed Fuji Seal overwraps.